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How to improve customer engagement through Magento Android App


Customer engagement is a hot topic for many businesses. In order to make more sales and stand dominate in the industry, it is important to keep your customers involved with your brand and products that you sell. Therefore, it is must that your Magento Android app employs all the necessary features to keep your users customers engaged.

In today’s age, a mobile app plays significant role in building a brand’s reputation and therefore, a lot of strategies need to be implemented beforehand to ensure that your diverse customers remain engaged and add to your business.

So, let’s move ahead and see how can you improve customer engagement through your mobile shopping app.


How to improve customer engagement through Magento Android App


User Experience Exemplified Through Deep Linking

It is one thing to appeal to your customers through a clean and navigable user friendly interface, but it is a completely different thing to build a great user experience through different features. Deep linking is an efficient way  to target the users in a meaningful way. This feature allows the user to land on a specific offer or a product displayed on a banner or in a push notification, thus ensuring that the customers lands on a page that is most relevant.

In this way, the app improves user experience by reducing the time to find an appropriate product, which makes way for better conversion rate.


Timely Accurate Push Notifications

Push notifications are undoubtedly the best way to gain attention of your customers. Ecommerce Magento Android app which makes good use of push notification has a higher rate of user engagement and eventually higher conversion rates. You can keep your customers engaged at peak hours by sending out timely accurate push notifications. These notifications can be about product launch, new product line, sales, discounts etc.

Through these notifications, you can also identify the possible best time to optimize your notifications so that you can wisely engage and re-engage users in a great way.


Engagement Through Social Sharing

Social Sharing is undeniably guaranteed to bring you more customers on board because you allow your existing customers to promote their purchases on their social accounts. It leads in increased organic traffic and quality customers. Moreover, you can keep your customers engaged by promoting your business in different ways such as adding social media buttons on individual products.

With social media sharing, you not only build a loyal user base but also improve brand awareness and sales.


App Analytics For User Behavior Tracking

Using the analytics for Magento Android App, you can keep an eye on the behavior of your users. The analytics features gives you deeper insights of how exactly the users interact with your mobile application. The data that you can get through analytics includes frequently visited app screens, time spent, number of downloads etc.

Through this data, you can further strengthen user engagement strategies to create an even environment for customers that leads to more sales.  



With large and small scale businesses acknowledging the value of user engagement, more and more strategies are being implemented to ensure that customers remain active and loyal to a brand through the ecommerce Magento Android App.


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