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How to customize a Magento Android App for fashion store


Shopping applications have become an indispensable part for fashion stores. Although it has become crucial for almost all online retail businesses, but businesses which are into fashion and lifestyle products can not miss out on having an application. So, to ensure that you are right on the track of bagging more sales, you need to create your Magento Android App and if required, customize it accordingly so that the app appeals to the masses.

If you want to know more about making your fashion business more profound then just keep on reading.

How to customize a Magento Android App for fashion store

Whether you already have an application or want to make a new one, you have the option to make it outstanding and more appealing by adding certain add-on features. For instance, if you have opted to build your application through Magento Mobile App Builder, you would get a simple and decent app built . However, the features might be a bit too basic for your fashion store.

A fashion and lifestyle online store generally makes sales by being appealing in terms of aesthetic value. Moreover, the interface needs to match up with the products because if it doesn’t, it would not be a hit among the people. This would eventually result in lesser or no sales.

However, the biggest and guaranteed way to ensure that people stick to your app is by making it great and user-friendly by customizing it with extra features. The idea of features can be either taken from the biggest retail names in the niche or you can even suggest your ideas for the customization.

For instance, a fashion Magento Android App can make use of GPS and weather so as to come up with personalized fashion clothing suggestions for users. This will be a great hit among people from all regions with different weather conditions. On the other hand, you can include a feature especially for fashion inspiration that allows people to share their inspiration in terms of images – either self or of others.

The application can also be customized with feature of personalized shopping suggestions. For example, users can set a default shopping idea – work, casual, festive or seasons wise. This allows the users to get suggestions based on their personal likes. Moreover, the push notification feature also allows the customers to be notified during the best time of the day.

Another customized feature that you can club in your app is live discussion forum – people can share fashion tips and latest trends, ask a question and get answers and so on. Another feature that can be of great help is including social media account login that allows people to share latest purchases or wish list, offers etc. This will gain you organic exposure and popularity among the friends and acquaintances of your customers.

With countless options to be transformed into features for your Magento Android App, you can hit bull’s eye and see a massive change in your ecommerce sales. So, go ahead and make your fashion and lifestyle business more prominent than your competitors with the custom features!


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