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8 Key Areas To Improve Product Catalog in Android Magento App


It is crucial for a product catalog in Android Magento App to provide complete information about the products because it facilitates the user to make a decision. If the products have incomplete information, the lack of details will drive away a potential user. Therefore, if you want to learn what are the 8 key areas that you should cover in order to improve your application’s product catalog, then just keep on reading.

8 Key Areas To Improve Product Catalog in Android Magento App


Complete Product Information

When it comes to decision making, customers want complete information about a product. For example, description, color options, availability, material, sizes, high definition images, videos etc. All these provide customer a generic idea about what the product is all about. These details should always be intuitive and easily available with each product.


Product Price & Discount

Customers prefer seeing the original and discounted price for each product. It is a great way to let them see the comparison of the price. Moreover, psychologically it gives a user an impression of saving more by buying a product at discounted price.


Product Zoom In

Even though you may have high definition images for your products, it is necessary that you enable the zoom in feature and let the users zoom the image accordingly. Try not to set the zoom feature at a predetermined level because this will not allow the users to zoom on particular parts of the images.


Product Availability

It is must to display the availability of each product because it saves the user from the hassle of shopping. In case you offer in-store product availability feature, this can allow the customers to locate your store and make necessary purchase. In simple words, it is wise to inform users about which products are available and which are not.


Product Deliverability

Product deliverability to different locations as well as shipping costs (if any) should be displayed along the product. It helps users in deciding whether they should proceed with order processing or not. You can also offer free or paid shopping, whichever suits your business. In case of paid shipping, be specific about the delivery cost and timing.


Encourage User Engagement

It is important that you provide optimum user experience to your users by engaging them through content that takes their input as well. This engagement in the Android Magento App can be achieved through polls, reviews, photos, question answer etc. This engagement helps in generating organic content which otherwise was not available.


Allow Product Reviews

Another most important aspect that completes information about a product is reviews. Reviews constitute the decision making process of users and it is therefore important as a part of making them confident about their purchase. Reviews from previous users give transparent overview to prospective


Related Products

Product recommendations and related products are always a plus point for users who want to get additional similar products. This suggestion helps them choose a better product at a better price from different brands or vendors.


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