How is magento mobile shop different from others?

We offer a quality product that helps any merchant build an app for its online store. The app builder as a product, offers a vast range of dynamic and useful features that anybody can use. Out of as many as 50 features, the 3 premium features that are proven to benefit your business are:

  1. 2 Step Checkout – Give your customers hassle free shopping experience with 2 step checkout feature in both Android or iPhone App for Magento that boosts your sales up to 30% more.
  2. Live Order Tracking (yet to be published) – With real time order tracking feature, your customers can locate their orders on Google Map within your magento mobile app. This feature works in sync with location spotting on Google Map for your courier partners.
  3. Easy Cancellation & Returns – Your customers can, at anytime, cancel an order or request for order return within your online store’s app. This feature helps you provide as required assistance to your customers, thus retaining your customers by 50%.

We are already working on launching exclusive features in our free magento mobile app builder that will elevate your online business even more. For more information, click here.

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