Which Magento mobile app plan is best for me?

If you are a new magento merchant and don’t wish to pay additionally for an application, then our magento mobile free app builder, i.e. Starter plan is the best fit for you. With this free version, you get a stunning and feature rich app for Android and iPhone platform. However, the free version is not sans Ads. Thus, your application may host Google Ads on it which can be annoying for your customers and drive them away from using your app.

To combat this issue and retain your quality customers, we suggest you to opt for Platinum plan. This plan is paid and available at $999 per application, but we do roll out several offers throughout the year. In this version, you get a customized sleek app for iPhone and Android devices and includes several features. In short, you get an identical mobile application as that of your custom online shopping website. Moreover, this version is sans Ads which ensures that your customers enjoy a rich experience while shopping from you. You also get support with the Platinum plan.

For a detailed comparison between both the plans, check out our Pricing.


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