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How to ensure security of Magento Website & Mobile App


Even though Magento is widely considered as one of the most reliable and safest eCommerce platform, its rising popularity does raise concerns for many business owners. Be it app or the website, the concerns about security attacks do leave us with a major question – how can we ensure the security of Magento Mobile app and website?

If you also have the same query, then let’s keep on rolling and find out what basic precautionary steps you can take in order to make your mobile application and website safe from security attacks of all types.


The Formula

Use a Complex Password

Keep on changing it from time to time, especially if you share it with third party service providers. Your admin password should be strong and (re)accessible by you in case you forget it. Make sure you remember your password.


Update Magento Version

Latest Magento versions take care of the different loopholes of the previous versions and ensures that security is not compromised at any possible level. Whenever a new version upgrade comes, always update to it.


Always use legit extensions

It is important to avoid giving into dubious extensions for your website. For example, you can use free Magento Mobile App extension to make a mobile app to support your business. The reason why you need to be careful while using extensions is because not all come from verified sources.


Encrypt your pages

Make sure your website and app makes use of encryption layers. The encrypted connection prevents the crucial data from getting accessed by unauthorized people. With encryption, you can safeguard your website’s and customer data.


Backup website data

Always take regular backup of your website data, which includes Magento files and database. It is advisable to store your website data backup on a different server such as a cloud based server, other than your website’s server.


Enable 2-Step Authentication

Enabling this dual authentication factor helps in keeping unauthorized access to your website by adding an extra layer of security to the shopping website. This two-step authentication process usually asks for a security code after the user has cleared first step.



These are very basic ways you can ensure that your Magento mobile app and website are protected from the viruses, hacks, unauthorized access and data loss. With adequate safety measures you can ensure that your online retail business will not be compromised. Implementing all these ways on a regular basis, you can very easily safeguard your mobile application and website, although you will have to keep on upgrading your technology with new changes to keep the security factor relevant.


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