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3 Ways Magento Mobile App Fosters Customer Relationship


Customer relationship is as imperative as any investment for a business. Without having an exhaustive procedure to handle customers, no company can manage customer relationship. Coincidentally, if you have an online eCommerce Magento Mobile App, then you can easily foster a great customer relationship by using it in 3 simple ways. In short, you can establish a long term relationship with your customers by launching your mobile app.

So, let’s move ahead and find out which 3 ways can help us do so.

3 Ways Magento Mobile App Fosters Customer Relationship


Push Notifications

Not enough can be said about this clever yet significantly useful feature that can help any business do more than just try to sell. It is an easy way to elevate your customer service by keeping them engaged with regular information about your business. Now this information can be either a special sale offer or cart reminder, it’s just a matter of fact how you use this feature.

Also, this feature usually gains more attention from users, which proves its efficacy. Push Notifications can also be scheduled to be sent out on specific time, so that they have higher percentage of engagement.


Offline Availability

Your Magento Mobile App users can anytime browse through your app, even in the unavailability of internet. With the offline availability, it becomes much more easy for you to stay connected with your customers. For example, customers can browse the app in offline mode and resume their session once the internet is available.

It is a great time saver and speeds up the shopping process, thus reducing the time gap. Simply put, it is a great way for your customers as well to stay in touch with you.



By including a helpline or a customer care section in your app, you can continue providing support to your customers 24×7. It can be a helpline number, a chat section or a ticket generating system. This will ensure that your customers won’t have to find a way to contact you, because of the inbuilt contacting feature.

It is a great relief when your customers don’t have to go out of the way to get in touch with you to get information.


These are the very basic yet significantly result oriented ways to foster a great bond with your customers through a Magento Mobile App. Make sure that you use these features very intelligently so that your customers know that you are easily approachable and of use to them.


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