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Mobile Page Speed Woes: What’s the solution?


Online shoppers these days are constantly fueled up to shop great offers and amazing deals right through their smartphones. But the biggest disappointment they usually can expect is slow page speed – of a website or an app. However, the slow speed problem is more prevalent when customers try to browse a mobile website. In such a situation, having an ecommerce Magento mobile app is a safe backup plan for most of the business owners.

It is well known that mobile applications are much faster and quicker in terms of performance as compared to the mobile sites.

And because mobile devices are being used more than ever before to browse and shop online, the retail business owners are now inclining towards launching more and more apps to support their business.

As a result, app store is full of so many shopping apps. With the app, retailers can ensure that they can live up to the customer expectations.

With the rising and indisputable expectations of frictionless, smooth and fast mobile app experience, shoppers tend to use only those applications which deliver. And app performance surpasses the repute of any big brand as well; it is beyond what you can think.


What causes slow page speed in Mobiles?

Slow page speed of mobile sites is completely irrelevant with a smartphone or the data. It is more dependant on 2 main factors – number of page elements and number of images. If there are more page elements, it will only make the page weighty and more complex.

Similarly, if the number of images on a page are more, including product images, logos and favicons, it will slow out the page load session. The overall effect of a slow page speed is less conversions and lesser sales.

Although there are many ways you can combat the slow page speed problem in your mobile website, the best way to ensure more conversions and high sales is a Magento Mobile App.

The application, in comparison with the mobile site is hugely effective in converting new visitors into customers and also yields higher sales.

With an added surety of speedy performance that drives quality traffic and boosted revenue, there’s no reason you need to miss on this opportunity.

Apart from these noticeable differences, you would also be able to measure the success through many different metrics such as bounce rate, conversions, ROI, number of new visitors and number of customers to name a few.

 It is absolutely worth to not spend on making an application by instead choosing a Magento mobile app builder extension and making a huge difference in your online retail business.

With no longer slow page speed or website crashes plaguing your business, your customers will enjoy a particularly smooth and fast shopping experience every time they use your app.

So, when every business is trying to stay in the lead, why should you keep yourself in the back? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward – don’t take the loss with slow website, enjoy regular sales through the app.


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