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Product Star Rating

Release date: April 12, 2018

Add-On Type:

Feature Addons

Release date:

March 31, 2017

Star based rating engages customers and improves sales!

price: $49

*one time payment

Star based rating engages customers and improves sales!What is Star Rating?Star Rating is a self-sufficient visual feedback/rating system that is powered by the likes and dislikes of the customer. It confirms the authenticity of a product. Product Star Rating is a valuable add-on that can improve your Ecommerce Magento App’s reputation. Firstly, it This rating element highly influences the decision-making process of probable customers who intend to buy a product. This add-on is included in each product page that collects the feedback of customers who have shopped it earlier. This instant feedback from genuine customers act as user generated content.Why you need Product Star Rating?Star based rating is visually appealing and helps any new customer to understand how good a product is. Initially a product has no stars, i.e. no rating. A product gets star rating - anywhere between 1 to 5 - by a customer who has shopped from your website or mobile application. The overall star ratings identify the quality of product(s) and determines popularity.

  • Visual intuitive feedback
  • Determines quality, popularity and worth of a product
  • Engages new and old customers
  • Display Top Rated products
  • Use Top Rated products as a filter option
  • Engage community members
  • Rated product gains trust among customers
  • Top rated products drive more conversions
  • Improves SEO performance
  • Highlight Best Products
  • Drive more revenue
  • Get genuine reviews from credible customers