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Top 6 ways to promote your Free Magento Android App


As a Magento Android app owner, you must be aware of the several ways that can help you promote it evenly across all the platforms among your target audience groups. But promotion is more than just paid campaigns or content marketing; it is a complete process that first starts with the analysis of your audience, especially understanding how they use their mobile use.

Since you want your business to be easily accessible and discoverable across different devices and platforms, the promotion can be aptly acknowledged as a beacon to make your free Android app for Magento store more visible and famous.

So, if you want to promote your application uprightly to the right people, follow these top 10 and simple ways.


Top 6 ways to promote your Free Magento Android App


Begin promotion from website

One of the easy way to kickstart the free promotion of your application is your shopping website. Since you already have a cult following on your website, you can gain attention of your customers by informing them about your application. For instance, you can place a banner on the home page or add a direct download link of the app on your website’s responsive home page.


Send out promotional mailers

Another method of promoting your free ecommerce Magento Android App is by sending out promotional mailers to your customers who have subscribed to your newsletter. It is a very effective way to get more customers to download and install your application by including button and links to the app, because people go through their email accounts everyday.


Promote generously on social media accounts

If you already have designated social media accounts for your shopping website, then you can start promoting your mobile app. Accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best platforms where you can spread the word and get quality feedback for your application.


Giveaway app-exclusive offers

Another very efficient way to make your Android App for Magento store more famous is by offering app-exclusive discounts, deals and coupon codes. Making the offer exclusive just for the app helps in creating a buzz among your customers (even non-customers) which drives them to download and install your app to avail the offer.


Pay for Social Ad Campaigns

Apart from creating organic popularity on social media accounts, you can also choose to pay for Ad Campaigns. These campaigns are highly effective because you can target specific group of people based on factors such as age, gender, location etc. By paying additionally to capture target customers, you can promote your application easily.


Leverage Blog Post

You can shine some light about your mobile application by creating a blog post that covers all aspects of it. The blog post can introduce your customers about the application, its features and any other add-ons. Moreover, you can also include an introductory video of your application as well that will walk your customers through your Android app for Magento store and make them more comfortable.


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