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5 Easy Ways to make smooth ecommerce magento mobile app


The ideal and old ways of shopping were surely different (or rather tedious) as compared to the ways we have nowadays. We browse and shop online through different digital mediums such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. All these devices come handy for shopping from online websites and ecommerce Magento mobile app.

If you are a retailer, you very well understand how stringent it can be to bring customers, sell to them and retain them. The struggle is equally hard for online vendors who want to get noticed and make good sales. If you can relate to these struggles and are looking forward to find an optimum solution, then just keep on reading as we will tell you 5 simple ways to make a smooth and powerful ecommerce Magento mobile application.


5 Ways to make smooth mobile shopping app

Fixate on Precise Features

Since you would not be personally available to assist your customers, an application requires all possible precise features that can turn a regular browsing session into a great shopping experience. Features can be as many as you want to put, but make sure that they all serve a purpose and are adding worth to your business. Avoid incorporating features that your competitor has, unless it  matches your business model. The idea is to include powerful features that are useful to your target customers.


Elaborate & Easy Interface

Even though applications are easy to use, you should still lay emphasis on creating an elaborate and easy user interface. The interface should be designed keeping in mind different devices and operating systems, so that further functionality and efficiency can also be included as a counterpart to its visual part. Moreover, you can host an easy on boarding process, which is a small welcome walk through procedure shown to a new user every time. This process helps the users to get familiar with the free ecommerce Magento Mobile App.


Make Yourself Available

Users, whether visitors or customers, always look for the retailer’s information. This information is as crucial as it can ever get because people want to know that they are shopping from a legit business owner. Therefore, your office address, telephone number, email id etc. are all very necessary to display on the app itself. Moreover, you can address to the concerns of the customers very easily if you host customer care options on your app. This way, customers would acknowledge that they will always be taken care of.


Consistent Value Added Benefits

Many a times you may display a value added feature such as deal, discounts or free shipping, but consistency is the key to reap benefits from it. By consistency, we are implying strategic repetition of these benefits. This information would equally benefit you once you start resurfacing it on relevant places in the free ecommerce Magento mobile app because that’s how you will gain attention of the users. Just make sure that you draw benefits from the resources you are utilizing.


Don’t Add Irrelevant Permissions

For users, the most annoying part about using an application is granting permissions. Ideally, your application should only ask for relevant permissions which are required in your ecommerce transaction or the regular app browsing session. However, if your’s is a simple shopping application such as one for grocery, you might not need a whole lot of permissions. In short, keep the permissions part absolutely relevant and contextual. In case your app is asking for useless permissions, the user will most likely not grant permission and may even stop using or uninstall the application.


So, now you know the 5 very basic and simple ways to make a frictionless and smooth working application that you can create using a free Magento Mobile App Builder.


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