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Top 5 Reasons to get your own Magento Mobile App


Mobile revolution is on its pinnacle these days. With all the businesses and companies, whether big or small, jumping over to make the huge switch, it is not a less of an option to get started right away. So, if you are a business owner, having a Magento mobile app will be the most relevant and fantastic decision you will ever take for your business.

If you want to experience an overwhelming growth in your business, you need to know the top 5 reasons that will prepare you to take over your business with a mobile app.

1.2 billion people globally use mobile devices to browse internet for several reasons. These people use smartphones, tablets and IoT devices to search for information, which can be just about anything. Browsing for products and shopping is also one of the biggest reasons why people access internet on the go. They could be searching for a product to buy and before doing so, they will search for its review, best deals and websites or apps which offers them. Hence, Magento mobile application plays a mammoth role in bringing your online business to the next level.

People love shopping from a brand if they have a great online presence as that from mobile. If you already have your business running successfully, you can take a step forward to create it into a brand by launching your very own shopping app. Presence of application is not just synonymous to brand awareness, but it also plays a significant role in creating quality long-term customer relationship. So, by using Magento Android app extension, you can easily create an app for your Android users and keep them your long term customers.

The customer conversion rate and shopping rate is extremely high on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The majority of people shopping online are millennials who prefer shopping that way, rather than visiting the stores. Moreover, the thrill of availing discounts also is more likely to make people shop quickly through the app without a second thought. 

Out of all the people who shop online, 85% people prefer using an ecommerce Magento Android App over a responsive website. This inclination towards the app is all because of the personalized user experience which enriches every shopping session. An app makes each visit much more personalized as compared to the shopping website and that’s the beauty and advantage of having an application available for your business.

Push notifications make it more plausible for people to react to an offer sent by the app. This increases the chances of retailers receiving more orders every time they send out a personalized, or even a generic offer through push notifications. Since push notifications can also be combined with deep linking, the user is more likely to land directly on a product or an offer page and make their shopping decision there and then.

So, now you know the top 5 reasons why you should be thinking of creating your Magento mobile application. It will support and boost your business unlike any other marketing technique before. Moreover it will help you in establishing great customer relationship that will benefit your business in long term.


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