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5 Types of Ecommerce Business which can leverage on Magento Mobile App


From well known names such as eBay, Amazon, Asos to small scale local businesses, each business now tries to have their own Magento Mobile App.

Ecommerce businesses nowadays can be of many types and unless you have a prior experience of running a successful ecommerce business, you would be left to struggle on your own.

But in case you are wondering whether your business fits in the line of popular ecommerce business who can leverage on the benefits of apps, then just keep on reading.


5 Types of Ecommerce Business which can leverage on Magento Mobile App

It is essential to to understand your business type first to figure out whether you need an application. Because each eCommerce biz is unique, you can still see if your fits in the more general 7 types.



A multi-channel business is not just dependent on a singular platform, rather it generates revenue from different channels simultaneously. Apart from actual multiple stores, catalogs and sales representatives, these kind of businesses also heavily rely on eCommerce channels such as a desktop and responsive site and eCommerce Magento mobile app. With different number of channels, this kind of business might get difficult to manage.


Exclusively Online

This kind of business solely functions through online eCommerce channels. It means that the merchandise cannot be checked out in person because no store exists for serving walk-in customers. However, it is a great way for startups to carry out their business because they don’t need to rent a store. All they need is a place for inventory. It is relatively easy to run and manage because every data is available online.


Bricks & Clicks

This business not only has a store but also uses the store to get organic traffic on its website. It’s a simple way to add an online extension to your physical store, where people can even choose to place order online and pick in person. It is a business with dual channels which provides a balanced business opportunity.


Niche based platforms

Businesses offering same services can often get on a niche based platform, which is more like a third party platform that gets them more business. It is the best platform for new startups to get a uniform traffic without having to spend extra for websites.


Augmented Business

This kind of business usually relies on a third party platform to get them business. Although it is similar to niche based platforms, what differentiates it from the previous one is that different kinds of businesses can choose the platform, the platform being the prime business generator.


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