See what our happy Clients have to say

We feel proud to share the thoughts of our happy clients who opted for custom Magento mobile solutions for their ecommerce.

  • daily2home

    Magento Mobile Shop app extension was quick to install and it worked wonders thereafter. The extension is free of cost, reliable and dynamic. The demo version was provided quickly and my additional requirements were conveniently addressed. Its free and effortless – now that's something rare to get these days!

  • shopshoop-logo

    This magento app extension is one powerfull tool that helped me create my web store's application almost without any effort. I was a bit confused first, but then I followed the instructions carefully to get the work done. Also, kudos to the most spontaneously helpful tech support team.

  • echrili-logo

    We were almost burned by the other half-baked products which made similar claims. We're happy to say that we got the application quickly and without paying a single penny. Moreover, the clean interface, simple instructions and help from support team was incredibly helpful to create the app.

  • rizwa-logo

    I was having a hard time finding a suitable mobile app development company for my shopping website. But then I was elated to know that there's one mobile app extension for Magento that can create native app free of cost. I didn't waste anymore time and made my application with Magento Mobile Shop. No hidden charges & spot-on app development!

  • eclear-logo

    Magento mobile app extension is the only thing you need if you have a shopping website! It installed breezily, worked exceptionally in real time and adapted to our website theme. Good thing is it feels and works exactly like our website pages. I would definitely recommend all ecommerce retailers to check this free extension.

  • storegrill-logo

    It's undoubtedly the safest, free of cost and powerful way to create a shopping app. It integrated the functionality of other inbuilt procedures of our website. Our free Magento Android app was live within a few hours. We have more apps coming up – definitely recommend Magento Mobile Shop to all.

  • enasasta-logo

    Our app is exactly like our website. It has incredibly smooth interface and navigation is a piece of cake. We were able to make the app and submit it for publishing in the first go. Really happy with what technology can do. We're thankful to Magento Mobile Shop for this product.

  • hotmonitor

    This mobile app extension is one hot sell! It integrated with my website effortlessly. Although there was a very basic issue with my theme, the technical support was able to address it fairly quickly. I saved not only money but efforts and time as well. My app is running perfectly!

  • trendlook-logo

    We weren't sure that this extension would be able to make an app correspondent to our website. However, we gave it a go and were impressed with the result. Another thing we would like to say is that Magento Mobile Shop deals with a very positive can-do attitude. It was worth talking to the support team and developers.