How To Create Free Magento Mobile App with Magento Mobile Shop?

integration Integrate With Online Store
build app Automated App Building
google play Publish App

Watch the video below to understand how you can use Magento Mobile App Builder to create your online store application.

Step 1: Enter Online Store URL

  • Enter the URL (Link) of your online shopping store

Step 2: Integrate with Online Store

  • Download Connector
  • Install the Magento app extension on your shopping website
  • Enable the Connector and update App keys
  • Click on verification button

Step 3: Automated App Building

  • Fill in your app information
  • Update Logo and choose color
  • Select inbuilt theme or opt for custom theme for your shopping application

Step 4: Publish App

  • Publish your shopping app with us
  • Or publish your application on your Google Play Store