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Push Notifications for iOS and Android App

Release date: April 12, 2018

Add-On Type:

Feature Addons

Release date:

April 06, 2017

Powerful app feature that allows you to send the message or notifications to your app users to share a valuable information, offers, announcements, app updations, etc that engages them on a regular basis.

price: $99

*one time payment

Push Notifications result in 88% guaranteed App Engagement!How Push Notifications add on works?Push Notifications are suitable to users in terms of valuable information. As for app owners, it is a great way to communicate directly with the customers. A manual message can be drafted by app owner using either API or message composer user interface. The target audience can be easily defined to whom the message must be sent. The app owner can either publish the message immediately or schedule it to be published later.See how to send notification from web to mobile app?If required, push notifications can be designed for personalised messaging for specific app users, for which user identification data is a prerequisite.This feature is efficient for call-to-actions such as:

  • Introducing products/offers/discounts
  • Converting a new user into customer
  • Introducing users to other social channels
  • Confirmation on orders
  • Sending payment receipts on the spot
  • Share order information – status, tracking details etc.
  • Engage users and provide them high customer experience
A push notification message usually appears as a notification or a pop-up alert on the smartphone. These notifications are always visible in the phone's home screen or notification center if they have been enabled. For instance, Apple has a Notification Center which clubs the notifications in a sequential order. Whereas in Android based devices, the notifications are displayed as unread messages.