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Multiple Stores View

Release date: April 12, 2018

Add-On Type:

Feature Addons

Release date:

February 06, 2018

With this add on, your customers/visitors can view and browse your multiple stores through a single app.

price: $99

*one time payment

Magento Mobile Shop supports the multiple stores feature i.e. If you are having Multiple Stores to sell products on different domains sharing the same admin panel, we can integrate the same feature in your mobile apps (Android & iOS)With our add on, your customers can view and browse your multiple stores through a single app. Some of the most notable advantages of choosing Magento multi stores for eCommerce stores include:

  • Management and creation of multiple stores from one central dashboard
  • No product limits
  • Target international markets with websites in other languages
  • Integrated SEO management and marketing
  • Micro-sites for specific brands
  • Distinct branding, and URL’s
  • Create sales and custom looks to target holidays and special days in various areas of the world.
These advantages easily translate to higher conversions and sales, which is the primary goal of an eCommerce website. The principle is simple: by allowing unique branding for individual sites, sales pages and micro-sites, while maintaining a cohesive flow, the platform ensures the end-user feels comfortable with the brand.