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Zip code/Pincode Availability

Release date: April 12, 2018

Add-On Type:

Feature Addons

Release date:

April 01, 2017

The more zip codes you service, the more sales you make!

price: $99

*one time payment

The more zip codes you service, the more sales you make!What is Zip/Pin Code?Zip Code is a unique identifiable number that is added to each postal address so that it helps in sorting of mail. In simple terms, a zip code or pincode is used to identify locations.Why an Ecommerce App needs Zip code/Pincode availability feature?If your application does not support this feature, customers will not be able to place order from you because of non-availability of deliverable locations! Thus, you will face a decline in sales. But your Ecommerce Magento App can help customers find out whether a product will be delivered in their location. By incorporating the Zip Code Availability feature, the users can verify whether a product is available to be delivered based on the location, i.e. zip code. This feature is extremely helpful for customers as they can find out whether their location is serviceable or not, and whether the intended product(s) can be delivered to them. It is a useful feature as it makes the online shopping experience hassle-free.How Zipcode Availability feature works?A customer can check for the product’s availability based on their location by adding their zip/pin code. This feature is available on each product page. This feature also suggests a proximate delivery time, i.e. how many days it will take for the product to get delivered at the given Zip code.How does Zipcode Availability feature benefit?This feature is mostly beneficial to customers as it narrows down the following information:

  • Delivery location(s) check
  • Easy shopping by advance checking of serviceable postal codes.
  • For non-serviceable locations message will be displayed - “No delivery available”.
  • Facilitates easy shopping experience
  • Helps in decision making
  • Ensures customer satisfaction
  • Customer can check if Cash On Delivery option is available based on Zipcode entered.
  • Enter more zip codes to cover a large geographical area.