3 Habits of online shoppers to leverage in your Magento Mobile App

According to a survey conducted by Goldman Sachs Group, the estimated mobile based ecommerce will grow up to a massive $626 billion across the world by the year 2018. If you are still making your free eCommerce Magento mobile app, then you better consider the 3 compelling shopping habits of users who shop impulsively and how you can leverage these habits to build a killer app!

When it comes to shopping on mobile devices, most people tend to shop impulsively and in the spur of the moment. This kind of shopping is by no means planned or intended. However, due to the momentary lapse of reason, shoppers lose their sanity just for the sake of shopping in the moment.

Ever since the advent of ecommerce and mobile devices, people have been shopping more, even though they intend not to. Earlier, the urge to shop was controlled due to the non-availability of shopping websites or Magento Mobile App. But because, convenience to shop is now just a tap away – online retailers can take advantage of impulsive shopping habit wisely.

3 Habits of online shoppers to leverage in your Magento Mobile App

Firstly, you must understand that the consumer behavior is vastly different across a laptop/desktop and a smartphone. We would be focusing on how you can target your app users for a boosted business.

  1. Buying Habits Vary

    You must acknowledge that there are 3 different types of shoppers – impulsive, decisive and browsers. With each type of shopper comes a different buying habit and the way you make them to shop can be quite a bit of a task.

    For impulsive shoppers, account registration and automatic data saving feature can be a lifesaver as they can shop within a jiff. For decisive and browsing shoppers, you need to devise a strategic and streamlined strategy in your free ecommerce Magento Mobile App to avoid common snags such as cart abandonment.

  2. Customers Want To Share

    In an age of social networking, your customers want to share the products they browse on your application. You must learn from this social aspect to create a mobile marketing strategy that helps not only in boosting your sales, but also promotes your brand and products.

    Apart from this, including social networks can be of huge advantage – customers can login using their social media handles and place an order easily. Moreover, the sharing habit of customers in your Magento app for iOS or Android can keep them engaged and involved in your brand.

  3. Weekend Shopping Is Real

    For those who thought that people just want to unplug on weekends and relax, often tend to forget that shopping counts consistently as a leisure activity. Therefore, you can take benefit of the fact that people use their smartphones more on weekends.

    By launching special weekend sales, you can easily summon all 3 different types of shoppers to stopover at your app and benefit from the mega discounts. Of course, you will have to make a special weekend sale strategy to ensure it goes successfully.

There are many traits you can consider while devising an efficient mobile marketing strategy for your free eCommerce Magento mobile app. But a few things you can keep in mind is that smartphones will be used even more, shopping engagement will remain high and use of apps won’t go out of trend.

So, how do you plan on using these online shopping habits?

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