Make your Magento App ready for Mobile-First World!

Make your Magento App ready for Mobile-First World!

Many businesses have turned over to a full fledged mobile-first business model because apparently apps allow the businesses to flourish more. From enforcing loyalty to increasing mobile business, apps have helped businesses to accomplish more. So learning from this important decision, it’s time to make your Magento App ready for a mobile first world!

The first thing to do is to ask whether you have defined your mobile based goals. This includes understanding the metrics which will later on help you to identify the growth over the period of time. So while making a refined application may take some time, you can always begin with listing the basics you want from it.

For example, with your ecommerce magento app you would expect mass level exposure, new customers and loyal customers. Apart from this, your main goal would be to get more sales from the app. You could be having a lot of customers and exposure already, but it is with app that you would get a great business.

Sephora, which is a world renowned beauty brand, experienced a growth of 35% mobile business.  Coming back to your mobile application, you should be able to produce one that is efficient and does the basic work well, i.e. easy mobile based commerce. Also, an app very easily allows for real-time relevance and helps customers to make a decision in purchasing.

Moreover, the app’s offline accessibility usually helps business deal easily with their customers. So, customer relationship management remains a very integral and helpful aspect of the application. All this can be taken care of when you make your Magento App.

Another very important way to ensure that your application is absolutely ready for the mobile-first world is that you can design the rest of the creative strategies such as media plans around the app. By doing so, you can easily make your application a focal point of purchases for your customers.

This is very simple – just design more app-specific offers that are easy to avail. Also you can allow people to login from their social media accounts and share products and purchases on their accounts. This does a very thorough job of giving your application a good exposure.

These are a few simple ways to make your Magento App ready for the world of smartphones. You can define the metrics and enforce them in the features of the application so that you can reap the benefits in long term.

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