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Magento Mobile App: Measurement is the key to growth


Consumers these days are mobile dependant – they resort to using their smartphones every time they need something. This new mobile behaviour comes as a result of micro-moments which are highly influenced by one’s interest, need, research pattern and final decisions. In short, mobiles are no longer a necessity, they are the generator of  extraordinary opportunities. Therefore, having a Magento Mobile App is a sure shot way to get your business  going.

Being a mobile first world, business owners and marketers are now  working  towards enforcing  different ways that bridge the gap between them and their customers. It is well known that consumer journey has been transformed because of the use of mobiles.  

Therefore, the best way for the marketers and ecommerce store owners is to analyse and understand the  behaviour of  users before implementing marketing strategies.

There are many big brands in the industry which study their customers and their online behavior, particularly mobile searches. It is through this study, they can understand what their customers want and how they can provide it.

For instance,  people conduct a search online before stepping out to shop. Be it real estate, electronics, cars or appliances – search queries are prominent in exalting the businesses.

If you don’t have an application to represent your business yet, you can  build it using a Magento App builder which makes use of a free Magento mobile app extension.

The prerequisite of  having an app is to have an ecommerce store based in this CMS. If you have it already, it is quite simple to build your application and apply this to effectively expand your online business.

After building your application by following the 3 steps process, you can  synchronize your store products in the app without having to do so manually. The next step is to measure the growth by  keeping the standards up right. The growth factors can be self explanatory and obvious according to your business type.

The basic growth measurement factors are new visitors, new users, active customers, online prominence, number of sales (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) etc.

Depending on  your business type, you can create new goals to identify how the Magento mobile app  for  iOS and Android users is impacting your business.    

For those ecommerce store owners who want to excel in their business, measurement is the key to start growing. This approach along with an appropriate Android and iOS Magento App  for your business can definitely help you succeed.  

If you are on the outlook of getting more customers, good sales and inexplicable online presence, go ahead with an application that you can build for free. Moreover, measure it for steadfast growth and keep up with your business in the easiest way possible.

Having an all encompassed application for your mobile users is not only easy for them but also a flexible way for you to stay connected with them.

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