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How Magento Mobile App efficiently deals with user traffic

Have you ever suffered a major loss of sales just because your website could not handle the huge amount of user traffic? We are sure you must have! With the rise in ecommerce and constant flooding of different online retailers, the competition leads to various sales and marketing techniques which are used to lure customers. Nevertheless, the websites are not much competent nowadays as compared to Magento mobile app, which is powerful enough to handle huge traffic.

How Magento Mobile App efficiently deals with user traffic

Our preference towards an app does not imply that ecommerce websites are loosing their charm. The very reason we are inclined towards the former one is because it is a powerful stand-alone software, contained in a smartphone, capable of engaging a customer for a long period of time.

There are umpteen benefits of having an application in addition to the website. But when it comes to more sales and high number of customers, apps have a better result.

When a shopping app is made available to customers, they automatically lean over to the app because apparently they don’t want to sit up with a laptop or because responsive websites take forever to load.

You must have guessed by now – Magento Android or iOS app is fast, powerful and performs smoothly. And because they are specifically made for use on mobile devices, they instantly become a favorite among the customers.

Due to the fast and smooth performance, people find it easy to browse around the app and they sometimes spend even hours browsing it. The longer they use the app, the more chances for them to place order and make you good sales.

Now imagine, if the same case was for website – people would get frustrated because a website wouldn’t perform that well on smartphone. The websites tend to load slowly and crash most of the times due to high number of users.

A Magento mobile app on the contrary is far better option for online retailers to retain their customers. Nobody wants unhappy customers, which is why having an app as an extension is a great idea.

With the more personalized approach, application lets you have a better control of your online business, sales, marketing techniques and overall management.

The app also allows you to have a one on one relationship with your customers, making it easy for you to use the intelligent features of app to provide them a unique personalized shopping experience.

Also, app handles the high user traffic way easily as compared to the website. The later one is more prone to experience server crash, slow speed or slow page load time. All of this is negligible in the application, making it a more viable option for all the businesses with an eCommerce facet.

If you have application, you can easily rule the mobile commerce segment and make more revenue from the sales from the smartphone and mobile devices alone.

If you want to know how you can get started with the app, all you need is Free Magento Mobile App Extension.

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