Magento app for iOS

Is it time to upgrade your iPhone App for Magento Store?


Mobile based commerce has become a primary mode of buying and selling online in the past few years. It is so much convenient that every user with a smartphone now has the power to browse and shop around simply through their phone. If you run an online business through a website and Magento app for iOS and Android, you very well know how difficult it can be to maintain the pace and augment the business process through these mediums. After all, you are competing against many others to get noticed by your customers.

So, is your application outdated? Are you ready to meet with the changing needs of your online shop as well as your regular customers? You can never say never to improving and implementing the newer features in your main business medium, i.e. Magento mobile app. Since this technology keeps on changing, your business’s core need is to stay updated and upgrade your services to stay in the long haul.

5 reasons you need to upgrade your app

  1. Your application lacks smooth functionality.
  2. It crashes on different iOS devices.
  3. It is not compatible with the latest iOS.
  4. It is not compatible with the latest version of Magento.
  5. It is neither converting visitors, nor is it adding to profits.

The above mentioned reasons might seem too basic, but these basic reasons cannot be ignored. If your users have experienced any of these in your app, it is definitely time to upgrade your mobile application.


Why upgrading is the best solution

Making changes in your application is the best business decision that will take care of a whole lot of things. Let’s see what changes can you expect after upgrading your iPhone app for Magento store.


Basic Functional Improvements

Magento comes up with newer versions which hosts a wide range of improvements that will also be reflected in your online shop. Once you update your website with the new version, all you need to do is download the new extension so that the changes can also be reflected in the application. By doing so, your app will be revamped and powered by new features that will fasten the process of browsing and shopping.


Easy Customizing Option

With the new features, you can easily update your app by introducing customized features such as layout. Although customization is purely optional, it is entirely up to you whether you want to redo the app in terms of design and interface or services. With the new changes in the application, you can get a new canvas to (re)make your app entirely or partially in a completely new way.


Fast Speed

Another most important change you would see in your Magento app for iOS is improved and fast speed. The earlier slow app would become fast and speed up the performance of your online mobile store. With the new upgrade, your application would be able to easily deal with the customers, improve the page load speed even on slow internet connection and avoid any lags or server load.



By realizing the emerging need of upgrading your application with the recent changes, you can easily make your online business scalable. Without making the necessary changes, you would not be able to suffice the needs of your online shoppers or make profits. Therefore, to stay relevant in the business, you need to stay ahead and improve the functionality of your online mobile application.


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