How to choose best view option in Magento Mobile App?

Online mobile shoppers are notably fussy shoppers. If not satisfied by one brand’s shopping website or Magento Mobile App, they wouldn’t mind sprinting onto other app. So, what does it take to make users to stay? User Interface it is!

UI/UX plays a huge role in determining whether users will love your online app or not. You can’t ignore the fact that visually appealing interface is the first thing that captures interest of people.

Even if you manage to make users download your app, if the on boarding process is distraught and if it is accompanied with poor interface, you will lose the user instantly.

Coming back to the viewing option, there are two major options ecommerce Magento Mobile App developers use. They are Grid View and List View. Based on the use of either of these views, retailers get to display the products very optimally.

Both the views are employed in shopping websites and applications. But what suits the shopping app more is our concern.

How to choose best view option in Magento Mobile App?

Deciding how to choose the best view option entirely depends on the genre of the shopping application and how much information needs to be displayed. Grid view generally showcases product images in 2 dimension scrollable layout with less information on the main screen.

However, list view generally showcases the product information and small product images in a scrollable layout. For fashion and grocery shopping app, grid view is considered the most efficient way to display the products.

Because the users tend to view the product options than the information, the grid view accurately displays a majority of products in one single screen. Hence, grid view in fashion and general niche shopping apps is the default view mode.

However, on the other hand, ecommerce Magento mobile application selling appliances and similar niche products tend to choose list view mode in order to facilitate more information along with the small thumbnail of the product.

What exactly is best for you?

It all comes down to your business niche and your viewers, and how optimally you want to showcase the products to capture the attention of your finicky mobile shoppers.

Firstly, you must know that it can be a tedious challenge to fit in the entire product catalogue in single screen. Secondly, you must reckon that both grid view and list view can be chosen over each other; it depends on controlling the layout.

Apart from deciding which view option to choose, you must also take account of the mobile specific features such as the screen dimension, and the ability to scroll and swipe.

If you consider all these points to display the products in an optimum way, you will be able to create magical mobile moments and powerful shopping experience for your esteemed (but overparticular) shoppers.

What’s there to consider even more is that online retailers can test grid or list view for maximum visual comfort to ensure that customers get what they want. This can be identified by analyzing the behavior of users.

In conclusion, whether you choose grid or list view in your free ecommerce Magento mobile app for iOS and Android, what matters the most is how you intend to enhance user experience.

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