Build a free Magento App for Booking Flights

Now Build a Magento App for Booking Flights


It is very easy for the websites with online flight booking system per se to face issues managing the mobile based customers. If you can relate to this problem, it is mostly because of the heavy website that takes too much time to load or process the booking especially when done through a mobile browser. The simple answer for this problem is making a free Magento App!

If you are wondering how you can make an app with such an ease, all you need is a free Magento App builder. We have the builder and you have the website – got the point?

Coming back to the basics of having a website with an app, it is pretty much profitable and easy in today’s age to have both. The first and foremost benefit of having the app is the comfort of reaching out to masses.

According to a research, app use among people has grown over to 80% as compared to mobile web. This easily implies that people prefer using an app more, which for businesses means they need to invest in Magento App.

Let’s see why you need to make an app for your online flight booking website.

Ease Of Access

If it wasn’t for the ease, nobody would have ever thought of making applications. Especially when it comes to shopping for commodities, applications supersede the web.

Quick to Load

An app is quick to load and open in smartphones than a mobile website. This allows you to capture the interest of customers and effectively provide them suggestions regarding flights.

Real time booking

Since app made using free Magento Mobile App builder replicates the website’s original functionality in the app, it is simple as ABC for customers to get suggestions and book in real time.

Double Sales

To make it apparent, let’s understand that the more people you serve through your app, the more sales you make. These sales would be far more than when you had no application and your mobile site failed to handle the traffic.

Customer Loyalty

With straightforward coupons and discounts you can always make your Magento App customers come back. These discounts can also be made for the first time users so that they can use your app, therefore you get more sales.

There are many more obvious reasons to build an app for your ecommerce store and get the work done efficiently. But the beauty of a free Magento mobile app builder is that you get to do it all by yourself without having to spend money!


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