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Millennials prefer shopping with Magento Mobile Shopping App


Many of us belong to Generation Y and we have always enjoyed being those who were there to witness the growth of technology. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why we, being Millennials, totally love using Magento Mobile Shopping App.

Shopping applications have totally revamped the scenario of online shopping in the past few years. As much as smartphones have exceeded in bringing us the best of the world, we still can’t get past the fact that we can shop anytime, anywhere from our mobiles.

So, what exactly is the reason that makes us go gaga over Magento Mobile Shopping App? Keep on reading and find out for yourself.

What makes shopping online fun?


Everything is fun when done online through one’s smartphone, including shopping. As a matter of fact, millennials have always thoroughly adapted themselves to the newest of all technologies. So be it mobile shopping or booking hotel rooms or flight, it is best and easy for us when done through our beloved handheld device – smartphone.

According to a new study, we are more prone to shop online for everything, flights, hotels, grocery and fashion etc. This preference is more because of the completeness and transparency of information available online.

But wait, was online shopping always this easy? Well no it wasn’t in the beginning. People were easily scammed and who can forget extra hidden charges which were levied in the aftermath of the “yayyyy.. I placed my first shopping order”.

Well those were the days of the past and now it is much more simple and trusted way of shopping. Magento Mobile Shopping App has made shopping and browsing online much more easy and confident for people.

Be it searching for products, reviews, alternate options or placing orders, registering a request for refund or cancelling an order, with an app it is all easy. So, if you are a millennial yourself and have an ecommerce store, do you get the idea of what your next step should be?

You must get a Magento Mobile App for your store! With the beginning of 2017, it is just the right time now to build your app and that too without having to wait a lot. By registering for our extension, you can submit your ecommerce store details and get your app built by us.

Moreover, if you build your mobile application right now, you will be able to manage the sales for the rest of the year extremely well. It will definitely extend your reach to a global audience.

So go ahead and launch an application for your store today!


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