Build Pet Supplies Android App For Magento Store

Build Pet Supplies Android App For Magento Store

Do you have a pet supplies eCommerce website? A pet supplies store usually fulfills the monthly subscriptions, and if you are also doing the same, you definitely need to build Android App For Magento Store. Android app is free and easy to build, so it would cater to most of your customers at one point.

Let’s move ahead to know more.

We offer our free Android App Extension that is the key to building the mobile application. You can follow these steps to create Magento App. We will now look into the prerequisites of before getting started with the process of building app.

Live Ecommerce Store – Magento Based

Magento Version – CE 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Once you have these two things checked off your list, you can submit your app request with us. Moving on, let’s focus on why you should be making the app in the first place.

Why you must create Magento App for your Pet Supplies Store?

Business! Yes, that’s right you’ll get more business and more so you will be able to manage it easily. From increased mobile based orders to easy user management, there’s a lot that will be a boon for your business.

Easy Orders

Users can browse the app to check for new products and monthly subscriptions. They can easily place orders for their pooch’s monthly supply. Moreover, the users can, at anytime pay for the subscription.

Manage Cart

The products browsed and added to cart will be reflected live in the app or website, whichever the user is using at current. Similarly, any product not required can be moved to wishlist – this will avoid shopping cart abandonment as well.

Manage User Account

The user accounts can be managed easily via application or website. In Android App For Magento Store, users can fill in their personal details and go through their order history.

Convenient Payment Methods

The more payment methods you include in the app, the better it gets for the users. From cash on delivery to credit/debit cards and PayPal, all these methods will allow users to pay as per convenience.

Boost your pet supplies business by building Android App For Magento Store for free! Submit your app request with us for free

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