iOS Magento App

Want to make iOS Magento App? Here’s what you need to know


While it maybe a sound decision to have a responsive site and an Android Magento App, it is also equally important to have an iOS Magento App for your business venture. There’s no way you should want to leave out your customers who use an iPhone, because business wise, it won’t benefit you at all. So, be it customer retention, customer engagement or making more business, an iOS Magento app is definitely what you need right away.

First of all, by using the free Magento mobile app extension, you can proceed in getting a free make of application for Android devices for your business. But if you need to amass good revenue from your iPhone users, then you definitely need to upgrade your game and go for the paid plan.


Although the plan might charge, but it delivers the final application for this desired operating system within the same time frame. Moreover, you can also opt for slight or even major customization.

Thus, even though you pay nominal charge for the application for iOS, you still get it quickly, much faster than the traditional app development cycle.

The special emphasis of having an iOS based application is that you can easily serve your users without burning a hole in your pocket. Another aspect of having iOS Magento app is that you would not lose your users who use this device, which means you can easily work on user retention.


Moreover, when you choose to get your iOS application made for your online store, you get extra features which can enhance user interface and overall experience by leaps and bounds.

So, your overall business strategy can be streamlined, knowing that you have covered your major mobile traffic zones.

Here’s what you will need in order to build your app for iOS platform:

    1. Magento based website
    2. Free Magento Mobile App Extension


If you already have a website in this platform, then you simply need to follow the given steps:

  1. Register and opt for Platinum Package
  2. Enter your website URL
  3. Download and install extension
  4. Fill app details – name, logo, color etc.
  5. Submit app request

Once you do these steps, your app request will be submitted and if your website is compatible, your iOS Magento app will be sent forward for the development. That’s all! Once your app is built, you will be notified and it’s as simple as that. No need to search for developers, no need to negotiate prices and no need to wait for longer periods of time.

This one is a revolutionary way of making a mobile application and that too for iOS platform. So, when are you getting started?


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