magento mobile app need of the hour

Why Magento Mobile App is the need of the hour and why not Mobile Web?

We are declaring 2017 as the year of unprecedented mobile app growth!

If stats are to be considered, then more and more people would continue to turn over on using mobile apps instead of mobile web.

If you are still deliberating over having a mobile app for your business over responsive website, then we’ll give you a quick glimpse of what your business is missing!

Mobile App Marketing Statistics & 2017 Mobile Usage Trends:

  1. 89% people spent time using Mobile Apps
  2. 11% people spent time using Mobile Web
  3. 81% spontaneous purchases were accounted for smartphone usage
  4. Mobile App usage time dominated 90% of the mobile ecosystem
  5. 51% people relied on online research to place an order on mobile app
  6. Mobile use, including mobile app usage grew 58% every year
  7. Amazon experienced 87% audience growth on mobile usage
  8. App usage (smartphone and tablets) were most preferred devices by people during commute and night time.
  9. Roughly 1.2 billion people globally use mobile devices for browsing internet.

As you can do the math, it is pretty obvious that you need to move your online business into the mobile ecosystem and at last make a mobile app!

magento mobile marketing stat
Image courtesy: Smart Insights


Magento Mobile App Time Spent percentage
Image Courtesy: Smart Insights


Summing it up, your business can experience an amazing growth rate solely by introducing a mobile app. We hope that these statistics will prove helpful and aid you in making a business driven decision. If you have any query, feel free to submit it and we will get back to you soon!



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