What a perfect Category Page of Android Magento App looks like

Continued: What a perfect Category Page of Android Magento App looks like

Continuing on our last topic of what a perfect category page of Android Magento App looks like, today we will be listing the rest of the ingredients which play a huge role. These are essential in engaging a user and improving the experience, but also help them quickly browse products based on categories.

So, without any further delays, let’s move ahead.

What makes a perfect Category Page in App?


Visual Categorization

It simply means that categories should have proper photos which are obvious. For example, banners for trending products or sale etc. These images act as a visual authentication and assures a user that they have landed in the right category. Why do you need this? Because with misleading visuals can confuse customers and leave them with a feeling of being lost.

Pro Tip: Use HD quality images & banners.


When it comes to any grocery or fashion Magento App, the layouts are very important. You can’t cram a particular page with products. All you need is to select an optimum product display layout which showcases each product and its details without looking overcrowded. You can choose a grid or list layout. A proper layout will help your customers understand the products better and retain the information.

Pro Tip: Choose sleek layout and keep the number of items per row less.


Always include a filtering options as an app can barely exist without its functionality. You should keep in mind a few things to get effective filtering option in your app. For starters, keep the navigation horizontal to keep it simple for customers. This allows them to select the filter as and when needed. Moreover, make sure that the filtering options are useful in fetching customers relevant result.

Pro Tip: Filtering and sorting goes hand in hand, make sure you get both done in your app.

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