Magento Mobile App Extension over Magento Mobile App Development

Would you rather pick Magento Mobile App Extension or App Development?


If you are reading this blog, you probably know that Magento Mobile App Development can be a pricey job. In fact, all kinds of app development can be very expensive. Unless you have a pre-built prototype or Magento Mobile App Extension, you would end up spending a lot on an application for your business.

So ask yourself this question today, would you rather pick Magento Mobile App Extension or use the good ol traditional approach in addition to spending lots of money. Stay tuned to find out which is the most viable option for your business.


Reasons why Free Magento Mobile App Extension is better:

  1. Being a free product, it is extremely easy to use this extension instead of wandering over and over trying to find a cheap quote for app development. This is because firstly, you won’t get your app made at a cheap price, secondly you would be just wasting your time trying to do so. It’s an ongoing circle and you need to find a propitious way out.  
  1. It doesn’t matter if you have a wee bit technical knowledge or not. Because using the Magento mobile app extension is easy. When you sign up with us, our Onboarding process assists you very well in submitting the app request while at the same time helps you to install and activate it in your backend.
  1. Installing and activating the free extension in your website backend will alone do the 80% of work. What about the rest 20%? That’s where we come in the scene – our Magento Mobile App Development process is speedy and better than the conventional procedure. This helps the ecommerce store owners to skip the lengthy procedures or waste their money.
  1.  The total time of making your app that would have come up to months (maybe 1-2 years!) comes down to mere days! That’s one of the most significant reasons that cannot be overlooked. One shouldn’t delay making an ecommerce app, especially when there is such a potent and free solution available.

We can go on and on and tell you about why it is time to use Magento Mobile App Extension. But coming down to one and only reason – it is free and speedy! That’s all we have to say for now. Want to make your app? Hit the button below and submit your request now.

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