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Why you need a full-feature ecommerce Magento Mobile App


Modern day ecommerce is on high; thanks to the abundance of smartphones and smart devices. Because of the highly anticipated advancement in technology, people also expect their day to day routinely errands such as shopping to be done online. This is why online businesses have stepped up their game and are opting for ecommerce Magento mobile app to enforce their business and expand their reach.

There are many many benefits of having a full-feature application to act as a backbone for your business. Contrary to the traditional norm of searching for an app developer or hiring a company, you can opt an incredibly easy option as well that doesn’t really cost you anything. This option is – free ecommerce magento mobile app extension – that has every single feature stored in a compact form that you would possibly require for your online shop.

Interestingly, about 60% of the worldwide online business owners still don’t have an app to conduct their business on the mobile ecosystems. But considering the countless advantages of an application, you must not join the bandwagon of those 60%. Instead, if you want to survive the competition, build your reputation and brand, and get more sales – app is all you need!

Let’s move ahead and see what kind of features in a mobile app can help your business.


Why you need a full-feature ecommerce Magento Mobile App

    • 1. Using the free ecommerce Magento mobile app builder you can get to include a diverse range of features, ideally meant to aid, support and boost one’s business. These features are incorporated and integrated in a single extension to help create an app that has all the functional necessities from the day one.


    • 2. A single platform, i.e. dashboard allows for easy management of the entire business operations. It lets you manage the product inventory, prices, offers, push notifications, payment gateways etc. which, by the way are all managed automatically due to the live synchronization feature.


    • 3. With an interactive and clean user interface, you can establish a great user connection right from the first go. The visually appealing appearance of application plays a huge role in not only attracting the visitors, but the ease of using it helps in easy conversion that promotes more business.


    • 4. The power of push notifications can never be underestimated. Push notifications can be used to notify every single user about the deals, discounts, offers, flash sales etc. you are hosting on the app. It can also be used to combat the cart abandonment by reminding the user(s) and/or offering them special discount to encourage them placing order.


    • 5. App analytics facilitate in easy tracking of data that pertains to your ecommerce Magento mobile app or its usage by the customers. This helps in closely studying the consumer behavior; what people like, what makes them shop, what makes them abandon the cart, what’s their shopping habits etc.


These indispensable features can become the foundation of your online shopping website and help support your entire business model. Features, in general, can never be underestimated – they define, support and sustain something – in this case, your business.

Moreover, a web app ensures transparency and no discrepancies in your business model because what you have on your website, sells the same on the application. It is the smartest, dedicated and user centered ecommerce tool that gives convenience to your customers and boost to your business.

So, by now you must have understood why you need a full-feature ecommerce Magento mobile app for your business.


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