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5 Ways To Easily Attract Local Shoppers To Your Mobile App


Did you know that 72% of online shoppers will make an instant purchase on ecommerce magento mobile app if they are given a promotional discount of some sorts?

Did you know that 76% of online shoppers who conduct local mobile searches will visit the store the same day?

The above facts are not just mere facts, they are what your customers are doing everyday and as marketeers, you need to know where your customers are headed towards. What are you doing to make the shopping experience smooth for those 76% online browsers, who search for your store?

With a majority of people relying on smartphones for their day to day routine, you can add a realistic extension to your physical store by creating an ecommerce magento mobile application that deals with all those 76% people effectively who might be searching for you.


Most of the online business owners are small and medium scale enterprises, who tend to have various ecommerce outlets. In today’s fast paced life, nobody’s got time to keep searching for a particular store. If the users don’t get the result they are looking for, they will move on to other brand.

Hence, it is implausible to not get those shoppers to shop from you. It is therefore, advisable to have an online mobile app to project and direct your customers towards your services, rather than leaving them with no relevant outlet to shop from.

While your local intended audience size may be impressive and huge, you still need to filter out all those potential customers who are spread over that particular location. In short, get more local shoppers to shop from your web app.


5 Ways To Easily Attract Local Shoppers To Your Mobile App


Tell them about your application

The most easy way to inform your customers about your fairly new web app is by giving them a heads up about it. You can display QR codes on brochures, pamphlets, carry bags etc.that allow people to download your app directly.


Localize your store & app

You need to optimize your website as well as your shopping app so that it appears in the results on the search engine. This will help in localizing your business store as well as your application, helping people to visit your app or store however they like.


Offer App Store Credit

Give your in-store shoppers a little extra to spend by giving them app store credit. This credit can be in form of rewards, discounts or a coupon code. Promotion, as we discussed in the beginning of this article, plays a huge role in making people place an online order, especially on app.


Offer Free Delivery

Since your business is local, it is better to give your magento mobile app users free delivery that will make them more likely to place an order, not having to worry about picking up the stuff themselves. Being a local business, you can also make the free delivery quick within hours, thus retaining your customers.


Weekly Deals

Many businesses promote themselves by offering weekly or bi-weekly deals on certain products and brands. You too can use this approach to facilitate more sales by sharing the deals with the customers on app via push notifications and in-app messages.


You can experiment with these 5 and many other tactics to see how your local customers respond to your application. At the end, it is about getting them accustomed to the idea of shopping with convenience, which can be easily done through your store’s ecommerce magento mobile app.


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