Does your Shopping App has more Visitors or Customers?


As app owners, many online retailers feel proud about the massive traffic they have on their shopping website and app. But they don’t somehow realize that traffic is of no use, unless it is converted or making them money. In short, businesses can expand and grow when their Ecommerce Magento mobile app has more customers than visitors. However, it doesn’t imply that new visitors is a bad thing – it is just a matter of time before you convert them into customers.

With the help of analytics, one can easily figure out the ratio of visitors and customers. If the number of visitors on your mobile app is high, it means that yours is a well known application. It has significant presence and repute among people who are visiting it.

It also means that your marketing strategies are working well to generate more and more traffic for your business. Moreover, it signifies that many people have downloaded your web application and browsing it more.

However, if the difference between the visitors and your customers is alarming, with the former one being huge, you must know that your ecommerce Magento Mobile App is not aiding in increasing your business.

What you need is to reform your app’s operational and marketing strategies so that more efforts can be put into increasing the customers as compared to the higher number of visitors, or at least balance it out.

Again, traffic does not equate to booming business. In order to increase your business successfully, you need to be able to convert a portion of that traffic. To do so, there are many things that you can implement to make your shopping application profitable.

How to turn visitors into customers?


Offer Support

An indecisive visitor may browse your app and leave it because of lack of support of any sorts. Therefore, help your visitors by offering support in the form of live chat, toll free number and email support. These are also very cost effective methods that lets you answer queries of your visitors, thus helping them with decision making.


Provide Quality Service

Be it quality information, products or post-sales service, offer your visitors the promise of quality service. People usually don’t convert if product quality is low, price is high, or if the product cancellation/refund policy seems dubious to them and so on. All in all, offer them convenience and a chance for them to try you out.


Special Offers

Nothing competes the significance of special offers in case of customer conversion. Introduce special offers for new visitors and extend them for a longer period of time so that more and more people sign up with you. Lucrative offers can definitely encourage an indecisive visitor to try out your app and shop from you.


Referral & Loyalty Program

Many brands across the world have increased their app user base by offering app-inclusive referral program. By offering this program, you can convert a significant % of visitors, which in turn will refer more people to sign up with you, thus increasing your traffic and customers.


Include Images & Demo Videos

It is always advised to include rich content on your app, i.e. images and demo videos wherever required. If these are included, an average visitor will be able to get a 360 degree insight into the product; information that he found nowhere else. This provision of information on your shopping app will be helpful in converting your visitors.


By following these basic points, any online retail business can make the best use of their ecommerce Magento app for iOS and Android by converting visitors into qualified customers.


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