How is your Magento Mobile Shopping App dealing with competitors?


Let’s accept it, no matter how much money and efforts along with time gets spent, businesses keep on fighting forever to gain customers. It is like an unending territorial war between animals in jungle. No two brands with same niche can have equal customers or stable business through their Magento Mobile Shopping App. In order to succeed over your competitors, there are lots of factors that you must consider to get profitable results.


Magento Mobile Shopping App: How to deal with competitors?

The first step towards managing your repute simultaneously with your rivals is to be technology savvy. You must not lack in terms of technology far and wide. In order to do so, you must have your business or brand’s authenticated channels on various platforms. To begin with, you must have the following:

  1. A modern and feature-rich shopping website
  2. A responsive website for mobile friendliness
  3. A mobile shopping app for Magento store

Since we’re talking about online retail business competition, the above 3 are very much crucial for sustenance. So, how exactly does one ensure that having these 3 will suffice for the tough rivalry? Let’s have a look below:


    • Go Mobile

      A desktop website is good but having having a mobile friendly website is great as it manages the mobile traffic fairly easily. Brands with desktop and mobile sites tend to do great business because these cater to the different users on the spot and in the moment on 2 major platforms.

      Consider that most of the users have different browsing patterns, highly influenced by the time of the day. For example, customers with a 9-5 job tend to use desktop websites during this time period. In between, they browse mobile for search during lunch time and after their office.


    • Wide Approach

      The next step to get one step ahead of your competitors is to widen your approach. The easiest way to do so again lies in how widely your brand is available. Do you have Magento iOS and Android app to serve your users on these platforms? Is your brand store accessible in person?

      Is your desktop and mobile website easy to access and use? Think about all these factors to help you widen your approach so that more people come to know about you and choose you over others. Always take a step forward to come closer to your customers.


    • Web App

      The next essential step in line to beat your competitors is to have a shopping app. It makes no sense not to have one, especially when your business rivals are reaping the benefits from web applications.

      The ideal way to have one (without spending a single penny) is to use free Magento mobile app extension that helps in creating a free of cost shopping application for iOS and Android platform. This way, you can pace the app development cycle and saving your precious time. This is like a DIY app development.


    • Data Driven Content

      Mobile users are hungry for data than they have been before. In such a scenario, you must equip your shopping website and application with data-driven content, which is optimized and personalized for every unique user.

      This content should be prepared by addressing the needs of your user and serving them with a piece of quantifiable content that has a call-to-action value to it. Pay attention to personalizing the content and make use of push notifications and ads to get more worth than your customers.


Don’t forget to analyze your customers using Magento Android and iOS app and promote it regularly to maintain a viable environment for yourself in the ecosystem of the online retail business. By making a dominant space for yourself in the market, you will automatically gain edge over your customers.


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