Does your Magento Mobile App sells to 69% of curious shoppers?

A majority of people browse their mobiles to look for a place, search for a product or shop online. Mobile use has become so much prevalent in our lives that it is practically impossible to make a move without it. Due to this rise, it is relevant to ask yourself – does your Magento mobile app sells to the 69% of curious online shoppers?

From mobile searches to wearables, people are depending more and more on gadgets which keep us connected to the internet, unlike olden days, when a mobile was just meant for calls. People these days are like I-want-to-know and for this they rely majorly on their mobile devices to fetch useful and relevant results within a short span of time. This moment holds a huge capacity for a brand to influence the customers positively, thus creating lucrative opportunities for their business.

So, in this moment, is your brand doing enough to build business opportunities? Is your online ecommerce Magento mobile app dealing efficiently with the overly curious shoppers? Are you able to generate enough useful information to make long term loyal users?

Before we answer these questions, let’s see a couple of facts:

  1. About 82% smartphone users conduct a search on mobile while making a purchase in a store.
  2. 65% smartphone users are concerned about “useful information”rather than the company providing it.
  3. 51% smartphone users come across a new product or company during their mobile search.
  4. U.S retailers alone experienced a 16% more mobile search ad conversion, especially when data across all devices was included.
  5. 69% smartphones are most likely to shop from a brand who offers completely relevant information on their mobile application or mobile website.
  6. 90% smartphone users rely on mobile search to make important purchases and long term decisions.

These facts justify nothing but the need of brands to empower the users with decision making. Companies and brands can easily provide for, influence, acquire and retain customers if and only if their ecommerce Magento iOS and Android App is fully geared up. Let’s keep on moving ahead and find out how you can take leverage of these facts to ensure that you add more customers to your existing ones.

How to make a powerful shopping Magento Mobile App?

  • Easy User Interface

    Try to keep the interface of your application easy to use and navigate. Apart from that, make sure that it is not unattractive, cluttery or clumsy. Keep it absolutely smooth to work with.

  • Deep Linking

    Enable deep linking of products in your app so that when people conduct a search on mobile, they get to browse that particular brand/product within your app. Make sure that you’re in the top search results.

  • Minimal Steps

    Make sure that your ecommerce Magento iOS and Android App is not too overwhelming. There shouldn’t be a lot of processes to begin with, and if there are, keep them minimal. Provide easy guest checkout system.

  • Quality Product Catalogue

    Most online retailers make the mistake of not maintaining a quality product catalogue. Choose only the best and affordable products/brands you know your customers will buy.

  • Push Notifications

    Always include push notifications to alert your customers about what’s going on in your shopping app. You can introduce shopping festivals, deals, discounts and offers through these push notifications for increased conversions.

  • Support

    Don’t keep your brand inactive, especially when your customers may need it. Hence, provide 24×7 support in various forms such as email, telephone, chat etc. Be there to help your customers as and when required.

  • Content

    Always make powerful content for your brand and the products you sell. Aim on educating consumers so that they choose you over other brands. Make sure to write precise and useful content descriptions to influence a user’s choice.

By keeping in mind these points, you can easily make a powerful Magento mobile app by using the free Magento mobile app extension that helps you to influence, acquire and retain customers so that you get to sell to those 69% curious shoppers easily.

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