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Does your Magento Mobile App make a user’s shopping experience great?


When it comes to a great user experience, nothing beats the power of mobile apps! And when it comes to a great shopping experience, nothing beats the power of a Magento Mobile App. If you own an online retail business and usually get product orders through your Magento based website, then you can very easily do the same but at an even efficient level through launching an app for iOS and Android devices.

Smartphone users are addicted to using mobile apps because of the agile and latest technologies which are taking the user experience on the next level. The virtual platform is no longer static – it is completely real and live, backed up with powerful features that makes every user’s browsing and shopping experience fantastic.

So, the big question is – Does your Magento Mobile App make a user’s shopping experience great? Keep on reading as we will tell you more about making user interaction and experience a plus point for your business.


What makes a user experience unique on app?

User experience is widely dependent on certain factors which contribute to the success of mobile app. While some people are attracted towards the sleek design, some others prefer a rather composite and summarized layout for comparing the products easily. Similarly, some want the app to be fast, whereas some want to get more product suggestions.

As you can see, every user has different expectations from the app – just like they would expect from a personalized shopping assistant. These expectations on the whole decide whether the app is able to create a unique user experience or not. Moreover, what you claim to sell also makes quite a huge difference. So, in case your Magento Mobile Application is great but your product line or delivery team is not efficient, that too will spoil a user experience.


For instance, a clean layout is a great canvas to showcase your products in an organized yet navigable manner. Therefore, pay attention to a theme that is sleek and help the user with easy onboarding.

On the other hand, color scheme as well as graphics also play a major role in making or breaking a great experience. If the colors are too gaudy or the images are of low quality or perhaps the entire app doesn’t look close to your shopping site, that too will spoil the user experience.

The users also largely look forward to great shopping offers which may range from cashbacks, discounts, sales, flash sales and reward program to name a few. You must include a great marketing strategy that appeals to the customers and make them visit your application more and more. These offers will not only improve the customer experience, but they will also add more sales to your business.


Luckily, you do not really need to stress out over these factors because if you make your application using free Magento mobile app builder extension you will get most of these features in built already. All you would have to worry about is coming up with sales offers that attract your customers; rest all, the app will do.

So, go ahead and try adding a great worth to your customer’s shopping experience with your shopping application!


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