From Mobile Search To Store: Does your Magento Mobile App does it all?

Do you own a Magento Mobile Application?

Have you took a moment to see where do you end up on top searches? If you are among the top searches, does your application host sufficient information to help convert a mobile user to a customer?

All of the above questions are of real world and very much crucial for the fate of your business. Online retailers and business owners lay enough emphasis on making a smooth runway for potential customers so that they are fed with rightful information, convinced and converted.

This process is generally called as acquisition and retention – both of which are very much important for online business owners having their free ecommerce Magento mobile application.

Whatever your online retail business is, an app is just the right way to spread out and make yourself available for your customers. Whether you have an online grocery shop, a fashion and lifestyle store or a health supplements store, you can make the best out of it by having an application. The more you are available, the more customers you can acquire.

The journey of an average consumer these days begins with mobile. They search for products, information, inspiration, brands, news and what not. Most importantly, they rely on mobile devices for information especially when they have to buy something online.

The process of feeding right information to your users and converting them is crucial, so let’s take a look at how you can do so through Magento iOS and Android App.

Is your Magento Mobile Application best?

The first thing to do is make your online shopping website responsive, i.e. mobile friendly. The next most important thing to do is to make a fully native shopping app using the free Magento mobile app extension, with which one can make an app in less than 5 minutes!

Once your responsive website and app is ready, you can now target your customers. Now, there are a couple of things to consider before targeting your audience. For instance, the geography you’re providing your services in – is it local, national or international?

Let’s see what things you need to keep in mind to bring a mobile search user to your store.


When you optimize your website and app and localize them according to the geographical areas you’re serving, you can easily end up in top local searches. This will automatically lead to people pouring down to your store and Magento iOS and Android App to shop for products as and when required.


You need to include optimized and rich content, personalized enough to deal with the unique queries and customer questions. Make sure you are ready to answer their anticipated queries through your shopping app and website content. Your brand/service/product should be an answer to the questions people are searching for.

Quick Response:

Customers no longer sustain the patience to wait for shopping websites and apps to open up. They would move on to another brand’s site or application if your’s is clumsy. Make sure your Magento Android and iOS App is quick to load and fetches relevant results in very less time, giving a quick response to the users.

By keeping in mind these very basic things in your mind, you can create a very simple process for the online mobile users to browse for a product and land on your shopping app. It is all about creating an effective response to I-want-to-buy moment which can bring a mobile search to store and get you more customers for your ecommerce Magento mobile application.

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