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4 Different ways to make an engaging Magento Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be great to have thousands and thousands of customers tuning everyday or every hour into your Magento mobile app? The more people you have on your shopping app, the more chances you have to convert them. But since people are impatient and tend to get bored very easily, it is a very peculiar task to keep your customers engaged with the app for a long time. This calls for different strategies, ranging from development, design to marketing.

So, if you want to know how you can keep your customers hooked in for the rest of the time, you need to make some very obvious changes in your app. Stay tuned to learn more about these.


4 Different ways to make an engaging Magento Mobile App

To begin with, you do not need to employ very drastic changes in order to ensure customer engagement. Although the changes we will be telling you would have noticeable changes that will significantly affect your customer interaction positively. Let us see what kind of changes you need to implement.


Before you start, you need an exceptional Application

To kick start the process, you may create an application for your online shopping website by using Magento Mobile App extension. This extension will help you to come up with a fully functional app that comes preloaded with most features you would require. Moreover, it is different from the good ol’ app making process which is limited by long development cycle and high price quotations. Having an app is must!



Design and layout play a huge role in making a user familiar to the app. It is important that your shopping app is similar looks wise to your shopping website so that the customers associate with it instinctively. Moreover, a clutter free simple layout facilitates the users to browse the app  more conveniently, without having to feel alienated or discouraged to check out new products, brands or offers.



When it comes to making an ecommerce Magento Mobile App, you need to go full on with features. Make sure your app includes all major features and even additional ones that will help you and your customers to interact through the app efficiently. Also, it should be in sync with your website so that it reflects all the true information in real time. It is also important that your app is fast and performs smoothly.



Marketing techniques are extremely crucial in order to bring masses to your application. From traditional media based marketing techniques to digital marketing, you can combine and/or include/exclude various methods to see which one drives you the most traffic. The marketing techniques also widely depend on how you plan to effectively execute the customer engaging gimmicks.



These 3 are plain simple areas where you need to focus on in order to improve customer engagement and high user experience. Most of the times Magento mobile app usually do not pay attention to these areas collaboratively. Hence, you may experience a downfall in the customer interaction and low sales. Always remember, if you want to have boost in sales, you will have to work a little bit more on the user engagement domain.


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