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3 Reasons Push Notifications have an edge over email marketing


Email marketing may be a favorite of many marketers, but when it comes to getting instant attention of customers, nothing surpasses the power of push notifications. It is especially regarded of great use for online retailers who have Magento mobile app for their business. Today we would be talking about how push notifications are more efficient as compared to email marketing and how you can take advantage to boost your revenue.

Initially, push notifications are much more faster and easier to access by users, which means that the users no longer have to login to their email accounts to get a look at the offers. The reason why we don’t expect enough out of email marketing is because these mails get straightway to mail dumpster. The amount of time and efforts spent to design the email get’s wasted, because people now don’t have patience.

So if your purpose is to get across to your customers, push notifications is best for you.


Appropriately Targeted

As much as it is important to target a group of audience, it is also very crucial to target each individual customer appropriately. Therefore, the messages curated to be sent out in ecommerce Magento Mobile App need to be relevant, personalized and tempting. The best way to get a positive outcome from these is to create a sense of urgency, which you can further push by introducing a small discount. In short, the message should be short, appropriate, compelling and must have a call-to-action as well.


Appropriately Timed

There’s no point in sending out notifications at odd hours, especially when people might be busy doing their work. Although the purpose of push notifications is to get attention of your customers, but timing is also very important. For example, the early office rush hour might not be the best to share an awesome discount offer. Since your ideal objective is to engage a customer and encourage them to make a purchase, it is always best to schedule push notifications when your target users are majorly engaged with their device.


Appropriately Precise

The only reason why people no longer want to go through heavily branded emails is because of their long content. It is suggested to keep your message really precise and compelling. It is an actual art to create a small piece of content that is really relevant, conveys the message, has a call to action and most importantly – interactive. Whether you are targeting a special product to pitch in your ecommerce Magento mobile app push notifications or you are sending out a sale campaign, it needs to be well defined and precise.


The trick is to get rid of irrelevant and unnecessary elements in the notifications, keep it interactive and put weight on the main objective. This will ensure that you can spur the notifications enough on the edge so that customers are engaged and shop. Push notifications is undoubtedly the best way to get a higher engagement rate, while at the same time to incite higher revenue.


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