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Why is it fun shopping from Magento Android app


Modern day shoppers are in love with ecommerce and their craving for shopping is nowadays being satiated by Magento Android app. Why an Android application? Because a majority of people own these devices. So, with the rising trend of shopping online, a mobile  app certainly comes as a breath of fresh air.

You must be thinking why exactly people love shopping from a mobile app, when instead they can browse online on a website or visit a store personally. Well, it seems that the benefits of shopping directly from one’s mobile are much better, rather than having to stump over a slow responsive website or waiting for checkout lines in stores.

Today, we would be discussing these benefits and understand why people prefer using an Android app for Magento. Moreover, we would shine some light on how you can take this golden opportunity to benefit your business.


Why is it fun shopping from Magento Android app

Quick & Easy

The best part about using an app over other means is its ease of use and fast performance. An app is quick to download, resides in the mobile and can be accessed 24×7. It means that customers have the convenience of shopping anytime they want, without any hesitation or limitation. Moreover, the app performs faster – loads quickly as compared to the desktop or responsive site – making it a preferred mode of online shopping for many.


High Quality Shopping

With the advancement, people can now browse through a Magento Android app and experience a high quality shopping session. With the app capable of adjusting and resizing to the different device screens, customers no longer have to worry about low resolution product images or lack of product description and other details. Customers get to view the product and get its details before making the decision of buying it.


Safe & Hassle Free Transactions

The application’s secure connections ensure that the customers can have a secured browsing session. They can easily save their personal information and make user profiles. They can even save their financial details such as credit card or debit card information for easy future transactions. They can even save products in the cart or wishlist and make a quick purchase any time they want.


Offers & Discounts

Customers love to avail discount offers and deals that are exclusively for app users only. The temptation to save a few bucks or get added benefit in terms of future discounts or loyalty programs are more fun. Similarly, the users can even benefit by referring their contacts to the app. These kinds of offers act as cherry on the icing.


Payment Options

People get to choose from a wide range of payment options which ensures them a safer way to pay the way they want. Options such as cash on delivery, net banking, wire transfer, paypal or credit/debit card gives convenience to every customer, making it easy for them to make a purchase.  

There are many other reasons that make shopping from an ecommerce Magento Android app fun for so many people – mainly because they own that device. With the combined ease of shopping in the moment and added benefits, eCommerce through application is definitely making rounds around the world.  


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