Magento Android App

Magento Android App to fetch you extra customers!


Smartphones and other portable devices have been making the people go crazy all around the world. It is an obvious fact that smartphones and apps are the hottest topics these days, making it even more beneficial for many online business owners to pursue a Magento Android App.

An application definitely sells better than a modern day responsive website design, but that does not imply that a website is of any less caliber than the former one. This means that retail business owners find it difficult to choose between an app and a website. The tricky question is which one fetches more customers – an app or a website? Keep on reading as we will tell you more.

Mobile applications offer several features and benefits which a website can never offer. Not only is it a great way for customers to access a brand or a business on the go, but the application is also relatively very fast to load on the mobile. Thus, with an option to introduce a fast way to your customers to reach you, an Android App for Magento store is undoubtedly a great option.


Magento Android App to fetch you extra customers!

Think of an application as an extended version of your website, but in a more compact form that is readily available in a mobile. This way, your app is 24×7 available at beck and call of the users which will get you many advantages, especially in terms of sales.

When compared to a website, people often complain that even the responsive sites are slow to open and result in faulty process of the shopping transactions on the go. This is a major drawback for any business owner because it drives away the customers, making them more reluctant to access the mobile website.

On the contrary, a mobile app is easily accessible even in offline mode. While the users have the liberty to browse on the go with the availability of internet, it leaves very less chances of uncertainty associated with slow processing time as that of a responsive site.

The biggest benefit of having an Android App for Magento store is that it is capable of fetching you more customers than you previously did with your shopping website. More customers mean that you can retain the new and old ones simultaneously and generate more revenue as well. These benefits make way for more benefits, all of which make your business more popular.

Moreover, the many features of a mobile application help you to target your customers very specifically. For instance, with the push notifications you can inform your customers about the ongoing offers, flash sales or remind them about their abandoned shopping cart.

Also, it becomes much easy for you to control the eCommerce offers on your app directly through your website and even target the customers individually for added business benefit. With all these and many more key advantages, a Magento mobile application is definitely more fruitful in fetching you more customers and subsequently improving your business.


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