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4 Marketing Tricks to Revamp Your Magento Mobile App


Do you already have an eCommerce Magento mobile app but want it to excel more in terms of marketing and improved sales? If yes, then keep on reading as we will reveal the 5 simple marketing tips that can help in revamping your online shopping application and get you more out of your business.

4 Marketing Tricks to Revamp Your Magento Mobile App


Interactive Shopping

People love surprise elements and you can easily make their shopping experience more personalized. Nobody wants to keep on browsing to find a gem worth shopping. They want customized shopping experience and suggestions that are more likely to help them in decision making. In short, their online shopping experience on the app would be nothing less than an actual in-store experience where they can get all products under one roof.


Mobile Beacons

With the use of mobile beacons, retailers can easily target their customers who frequently use the Magento Mobile App. From regular ads to targeted promotions and special discounts to free delivery, mobile beacons facilitate in understanding the customer shopping habits. This data can be used in strategizing prices and promotions. Also, the retailers can keep a track of each user’s shopping journey.  


Flexible Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce paves way for not only understanding the consumer behavior but also helps the retailers to offer products and services which their customers want. It allows for them to understand what matters, what’s in trend and what’ possible to achieve. It also lets you advertise and take full control of your business,  


Integration of Instore Apps

With an increase in number of ecommerce Magento mobile apps, there comes a time when you need to speed up and make your application more relevant to your customers. For this, you can integrate your mobile app with your store so that customers can see what time your store opens, what products you keep, what latest styles and trends are available etc. This will bring all your services under one roof, thus preventing your customers from getting on to another store.  


These might be a bit different marketing tricks to gain attention of your customers, but these are definitely worth when it comes to results. Therefore, if you want to have more leverage of the advancing technology to expand your business, then just follow these simple steps and you will see how your online retail business grows.


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