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Why you mustn’t compromise customization in Magento mobile application

Just having a basic Magento Mobile Application to support your ecommerce will not guarantee the fate of your business. What your online business needs right now is a way to build a grandiose shopping experience for your customers, who come from all walks of life.

You have two ways to make sure your business is headed on right path – either choose custom free ecommerce mobile application builder or choose a traditional app development company to customize your web app.

Did you notice we mentioned “custom” quite a lot in the last sentence? Apparently, online shoppers don’t like using any web application that seems similar in terms of design, layout and functionality.

Although, your basic mobile app may suffice for a short term business goal. But unless you don’t want to wrap things up in a few months, going for custom and tailored solution is the only way out.

Once again, why are we stressing on choosing tailor made solution for your online Magento ecommerce mobile app? There are many reasons to back it up, because ultimately you would want to have more loyal users, for which you would need full absolute performance for user.

Why customize your Magento mobile app for iOS/Android?

Ideally you must understand that iOS and Android are two different platforms. Moreover, the devices which use these operating systems are entirely different. They have different screens, dimensions, features etc. Therefore, having a single app for a particular operating system may not be the answer.

By opting for full customization, you can accomplish several add-on features in your Magento mobile app for iOS and Android. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Customization = Pure Functionalism

    Users don’t care what platform an app is made with as long as it does what it is made to do. So, for shoppers – shopping is the pure function they want in return. While a basic app may have generic features, it wouldn’t necessarily spark the interest of the user. It would be a stagnant experience which may result in uninstallation of app.

    On the contrary, if you want your users to keep coming back, you would have to have additional features that make every session exciting. For this, one can experiment widely with UI/UX, swipe, control and mobile’s inbuilt features for example shake the phone to get an offer. All these are only achievable if you choose customization service for your ecommerce Magento mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • Customization = User Retention

    Another reason performance of the app is highly dependent on customization is because it adds to several other factors which aid in easy user retention. Unless yours is a reputed brand or you offer exciting discounts, users would need to be hooked up to your app.

    If you customize your web app and throw in an on boarding process, easy checkout system and Call-To-Action based push notifications, apart from other features, it will be much easy to retain your existing users while still welcome new users onboard. There are so many things that can be done in order to retain users, and customization is the first step that you need to take.


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