Why choose Magento Mobile App Builder over Traditional App Development

A good business prototype with a good design leads to great business. It is no longer new to know that your favorite online retailer has come up with its web app – simply because many more are doing so. It wouldn’t be too long when all the business owners have their own official application.

However, we are here to tell you that you can lead the competition by speeding up the app development process by choosing a Magento mobile app builder over the traditional approach. Why? Just keep on reading as we unveil the countless benefits of going digital over the good ol’ traditional method.

Why choose Magento Mobile App Builder over Traditional App Development

The app builder we are talking about is a revolutionized way of getting a mobile commerce platform solution, the one which liberates the business owners, companies and retailers to create powerful mobile apps which create extraordinary mobile experiences. With such an impressive tool, businesses can easily inspire the customers and create countless ways to increase revenue.

Magento mobile app builder is a complete mobile centric ecommerce solution that is ideal for businesses of all scale – whether startup or enterprises – as they can make powerful cross platform web apps for iOS and Android.

This app builder is free of cost and there are no hidden charges levied. Moreover, there are so many features that render the end product as an exceptional piece of ecommerce.

So, by using this builder, retailers can make free Android app for magento or as they like for iOS as well. Let’s see the benefits of using this optimum solution:

Saves Time

Since the builder is a ready made solution that hosts a predefined layout and powerful features, it saves a lot of time as retailers can automatically create and launch the app without having to worry about the application too long to build.

Saves Money

Retailers don’t have to pay a single penny to create the web app for their shopping store. Thanks to the free app builder with pre-built layout and already integrated plugins, the app created gets rendered every functionality for free of cost.

Mobile Optimized

The advanced technology allows the business owners to create highly optimized app that run effectively across all the mobile devices. Optimization and deep linking enables the app and its contents to show up on mobile led searches, thus initiating decision making and shopping.

Builds Loyalty

With the Android app for magento, you can build instant customer loyalty by avoiding the delayed app development. With clear and user friendly interface, easy navigation and powerful features, you can impress your customers and make them stay around for a longer period of time.

More Conversion, More Sale

With an evolving marketing strategy and features to support it, your shopping application can drive more conversions and more sales as compared to the traditional method which involved huge amounts of investment, time and effort to see little or no ROI. Using app builder, thus, eliminates the need of investment but supports more sales and conversions.

Choosing free app builder for creating your Magento store’s application for Android and iOS is definitely a wise choice rather than going the long way. As they say looks matter (and so does your choice), you can build a better ecommerce platform for your store without having to rely on anyone or spend a dime.

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