8 ways to combat shopping cart abandonment in your Magento Mobile App

Preventing shopping cart abandonment has become one of the most challenging part of running an online store using free ecommerce Magento Mobile App. Every year, millions are lost because customers put products in their cart and then abandon it.

This may be a normal routine for customers, but it’s a nightmarish experience for online retailers who lose huge chunk of their sales. If not dealt properly, this often lead to downfall of businesses.

There are many reasons why customers abandon their carts, which we will have a look at first in order to devise plans to avoid this phenomenon.

Reasons why customers abandon cart in Magento Mobile App

  1. Unexpected product cost
  2. Complicated navigation
  3. App crashed
  4. Casual browsing
  5. Add-on charges
  6. Unsuitable or lesser delivery options
  7. Found better price somewhere else
  8. Payment gateway crashed/payment declined
  9. Too much load time
  10. Excessive security checks

These are just a few of the reasons of cart abandonment. Every customer wants a secure and quick way out to make payments. If these reasons are analyzed further in detail, you would be surprised to know that you can only try so many things to make customers pay for their orders and not abandon their carts.

Fortunately, online retailers using free ecommerce Magento mobile app to conduct their businesses online can take several measures to make sure that the customers don’t leave products behind in their cart. Let’s know how.


Showcase Security Partners

Make sure to display your security partners or badges on the app to inform customers that your app employs all relevant security measures. Experiment a bit with placement to avoid pushing the badges everywhere.


High-Definition Product Images

Your product catalog should include high-definition images so that the customers can clearly see what they are buying. Along with the images, make sure that product description and other relevant information is true, enough and easy to understand.


Test & Improve Cart

From the ease of accessing a cart to editing it conveniently, make sure you test the cart functionality aggressively in your Magento Mobile App. Along with this, make sure the navigation is smooth and quick so that customers don’t feel pushed to leave the cart.


Offer Quick Checkout

Most customers want quick checkout sans registering. Make sure you have 2 way quick checkout system enabled so that the customers can checkout as guests or registered users. Don’t be one of those businesses who force users to register.


Provide Free Shipping & Discounts

Customers hate not getting additional discounts or free shipping on their purchase. By making free shipping a prominent feature in your ecommerce Magento mobile app, you can make loyal customers. Also re-target them with additional discounts that they can use on next purchase.


App & Email Reminders

If your customers tend to abandon their cart, make sure you send out push notifications via app and email reminders to try to retarget them. A simple reminder with a small discount can be a nudge to make them place their order successfully.


Offer Easy Returns, Refunds & Cancellation

It is advised to educate your customers about how easy it is to shop from you, courtesy the easy returns, refunds and cancellation policy. Implementing these will actually encourage customers to place order and try the products, knowing they can return/cancel it and ask for refund.


Provide Technical Assistance

Customers get turned off due to the unavailability or the lack of technical assistance. You never know when they may require to talk to a concerned person regarding issue/query they have with their product or service. Thus, provide a continuous technical assistance; toll-free 24×7 available telephone number, a chat box displayed on app and so on.



By employing these simple tactics in your Magento mobile app, you can ensure that your customers go through the order placement process smoothly and don’t get distracted by anything which may lead to cart abandonment.

Do you have any tried and tested strategies to avoid this nightmare?


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