Loyalty Program for ecommerce Magento mobile app users to boost your business

Loyalty Programs for shoppers have become a viable form of marketing these days. This marketing form has proved tremendously beneficial for eCommerce Magento Mobile App users which allows retailers to retain existing customers for a long haul.

It is a well known fact that acquiring new customers can be a costly affair than maintaining your old ones. Therefore, shoppers loyalty program is considered as a great form of retention marketing that outlines a layout beneficial for the old customers who will keep shopping for a long term.

Loyalty Program for eCommerce Magento mobile app users

A loyalty program for your online app can be devised from the scratch or you can use the prebuilt features which can be defined as per your business. This program can include any of the following:

  1. Purchase/Shopping points
  2. Referral points
  3. Account registration points
  4. Social network points
  5. Birthday/Anniversary special points

Any online retailer can add value to their business by introducing a loyalty program that rewards every shopper with certain bonus points, upon completion of some actions. Of course, the base line is for them to shop to get rewarded, for which the rewards can be availed after reaching the redemption level.

The key point of introducing reward layout is to make your customers feel special that even if they are shopping and spending money, they are saving a lot in return! The loyalty program thus, helps you make a loyal customer.

Let’s have a look at how you can outline a loyalty program for your iOS and Android App For Magento.


Purchase/Shopping Points

Rewarding your customers with bonus points on purchasing from you is always a good idea. This way they feel happy about the purchase. Moreover, the customer can add more to their purchase points with each order they place.


Referral Points

It’s good to reward your loyal customers with referral points when they bring new customers to you. Of course, you can release the referral points to your existing customer only when their referral makes a successful first time purchase. In this way, you kill two birds with one stone – you reward your old customers as they bring new customers to you.


Account Registration Points

It is good to offer your customers 2 ways of shopping from you – as a guest or as an existing account holder. However, by introducing extra reward points for registering in your Magento mobile application, you can not only build your email database but also use it for notifying them regarding new deals.


Social Network Points

By suggesting your customers to follow you on your social channels, you can easily build your followers base, share with them exclusive information and allow them to promote your brand/products organically by sharing them.


Birthday/Anniversary Special Points

You can add a little surprise element to your customer’s shopping spree by rewarding them special points on their birthday or anniversary. Since they already will be shopping on the special day, you might as well ensure they do it from you!


The value and worth, and how you give away the reward points to the customers totally depend on how you want to market your eCommerce Magento mobile app. Don’t forget to name your loyalty program and include it on your website and in the application so that it becomes a significant part of your brand’s marketing tool.

In conclusion, a well defined loyalty program for shoppers can be a helpful tool to retain old customers, get new ones and boost your sales.


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