Mobile Site Vs. Magento Mobile App (PS. the later one is what you need)


The Internet and smartphones are synonymous to each other; they just can’t be thought of apart. From searching nearby place to shopping online – internet, smartphone and Magento Mobile Apps have established a very strong bond, driving people to do so much in so less time.

More and more businesses are understanding the importance of going mobile, but are often perplexed with the thought of doing so. The reason behind this confusion is that businesses are more likely to think of an application as a sole replacer of their existing ecommerce mediums, which is not true at all.

Having a mobile site and an app means that your business has taken an effective step to cater to the mobile users. An app is an extension of your business portals, which can be online or offline. But since today’s hot topic is going to clarify more about a mobile site and an app, you should stick around till the end as we help you identify the potential of having an application.

Mobile Site : A small replica of your website for mobile use

Creating a mobile site, also known as responsive website is the first but a fractional step towards going mobile. By creating a mobile ready website, you make it easy for the smartphone and other handheld device users to access your website easily, without having to view a desktop version on that particular device.

However, the mobile site doesn’t impress a customer due to the lack of creating a user experience. This can drive away a customer, who would search out for similar niche brand with, perhaps a Magento Mobile App.

Surely, responsive design would allow you to showcase your website content in an easy to view, compact form across different devices. At the same time, it would lack personalizing the optimized data to (re)target your customers. Thus, mobile site can’t be given the benefit of effective conversions.


Mobile Apps: An effective ecommerce solution

Applications, apart from being extensions, are also considered as a wholly product which not only works on increasing your sales, but also maneuvers many other tasks.

From product hosting, brand management, sales, conversions, user management, user retention, acquisition and growth, there are just so many facets of an online shopping app.

To begin with, the app lets you deal with visitors, engage them effectively, create a unique user experience and then convert them. Thereafter, personalized content can be targeted based on a number of factors to be displayed to certain customers, creating a sense of urgency which facilitates quick sales.

Then, product details and descriptions along with high quality media clarifies the doubts of customer, again helping in boosting your sales.

Be it mobile specific features, payment convenience, deals, discounts, offers or push notifications, online shopping app definitely makes much more impact on customers as well as businesses. Furthermore, magento mobile app is found to have a higher rate of conversion and increased sales as compared to desktop or responsive site. Thus, when it comes to increasing a brand’s reputation and sales, application has much more significance.



While responsive website can be made in a decent time and the content can be managed from a centralized platform, the price can still go high. Similarly, making an application can also be time consuming and expensive, unless you choose a free Magento mobile app builder to cut off the cost and time constraints.

Having both will be credible for your business, but in this age of competition, mobile app is definitely what your business needs to help you double up your sales in less time.


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