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Mobile App for Magento: Fuel for Anytime Commerce


Knowing that people can access your mobile app for Magento store anytime on the go might be a great relief for you. Its pretty much a good feeling to know that your business is being acknowledged by many people who use your app. With this ease of access, you still need to give your customers smooth and hassle-free way to accept the fact that there is indeed a powerful concept of “anytime commerce”.

The mental block of going in a store to shop for groceries, appliances or book tickets can be unnerving to a lot of people these days, now that everybody has strict schedules. The web app for mobile users is indeed a great way to fuel great sales and be useful to the customers at all time, thus letting them avail your services as they like. With the app, people don’t feel obliged to go for shopping in person.

Ecommerce Magento mobile application does tend to have a greater control over the mobile traffic and consumers. The insights, call-to-actions and personalized content helps you to update customers and eventually assist them in shopping.

Since most of the retail businesses are owned by small and medium scale enterprises, having an application, in addition to other mediums helps a lot in generating sales.

The app, with very little investment can turn out huge returns by making fantastic sales from the very first day. In short, having an application does drive sales in various ways.


Let’s consider a scenario:

You are waiting for your friend to join you at brunch. Meanwhile, you start browsing an online shopping app to kill time and that’s when you spot your favorite camping gear or those nike dunks on sale that you had your eyes on for quite a while. Doesn’t this situation drives you on edge to shop? It does, doesn’t it? You do end up buying the product on the spot.

This situation is common and amicable for most people who own a smartphone. Despite one’s location or situation, shopping has become easy. Moreover, this situation helps the online retailers to shape up their business progressively, giving them plenty of opportunities to have more sales in less time.


The Magento mobile application for iOS and Android helps the retailers save a lot of money that would have been spent otherwise on traditional marketing. You know, brochure, coupons etc. The money not spent is the money saved, which in the long run, helps in maximizing your overall revenue.

Moreover the robust in-store features of the web app all together shape up a very prominent and proven way to make people shop. The “shop anytime” factor remains alive with the app and as long as people have it in their phone, you can influence their shopping behavior by nudging them with powerful push notifications.


In conclusion, an exceptionally made ecommerce Magento mobile application with premium features that contribute more to your sales is far better than relying only on desktop or responsive websites. Mobile devices have higher conversion rate and web app is undoubtedly the best fuel to induce anytime commerce.


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