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Use of Magento Mobile App for Optimum Promotion


With every new promotion comes an automatic expectation of increased market potential, audience and ROI. However, when it comes to mobile commerce promotion, a Magento Mobile App has everything it takes to master the art of marketing techniques. While you may be hoping on increasing your app users or social following, you will be able to do much more than that if you wisely make use of the features.

Now doing a cross platform promotion on your business’ omni-channels can be a tricky job. However, strategizing judiciously is important right from the beginning in order to see the results in the future. Old strategies can be revamped to see how fairly they respond to the new promotion platform.


The idea about optimum promotion on Magento Mobile App is to create a sense of urgency to shop by creating interactive and engaging deals. It can be a special sale discount that you offer to users, who will feel that they got an exclusive limited time offer to avail. Another thing about implementing these kind of promotion tactics is to complement your business strategies in a seamless way.

Another thing that needs to be taken care of is app exclusive media. If you can include interactive media in your app such as videos, you can easily make a huge impact on your customers. Similarly the concept of gamification, when incorporated in your ecommerce Magento mobile app, can fetch you a higher engagement rate.


If you include QR codes in the app, it will add another fun and real element in your mobile application. QR code scanning also can be used to avail discounts in store or to add more reward points to the loyalty program. All these features may sound too good, but it all comes down to how well these are incorporated in the app.

Additionally, brands can also make it easy for the ongoing promotions such as sales available to the app users. For example, discount code for promotional products should be automatically applied in the shopping cart, without having to prompt the user to type it in. Or the valid coupons should be made available during the checkout.


Lastly, when you try to implement any of these strategies in your Magento Mobile App promotion, always remember that a strategy employing different aspects will help you achieve an omni-channel  promotion effectively. And there’s no harm in reusing your old marketing strategies, as long as you are spinning them for a complete new look.


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